Promoting health and wellbeing in the Augusta Care workplace


Augusta Care is committed to being an organisation that supports the health and wellbeing of our staff. We are setting up a Health and Wellbeing Steering Group that will drive how we promote good health within the team. The Health and Wellbeing Steering Group has the backing of Directors and will initially be led by the Augusta Care Senior Manager and Team Managers who are due to nominate a Project Leader. Managers are currently involved in the strategic planning of the Steering Group. Going forward the Steering Group aims to include and influence people across the whole organisation.

Business in the Community (BITC) is leading the Business Action on Public Health campaign. Our Health and Wellbeing Steering Group fits in with this campaign. As the Health and Wellbeing Steering Group develops, we plan to encourage and incorporate key elements of the Business Action on Public Health into our working lives. We will:

  • Promote quit smoking campaigns within the workplace
  • Swap biscuits for fruit in meetings and inspire a healthier food and drink culture at work
  • Encourage staff to drink more water by making it more visible around the workplace
  • Motivate staff to walk more through lunch time walking groups and step counting challenges
  • Nominating a health champion within Augusta Care

We’re planning to have lots of fun with this! The Health and Wellbeing Steering Group will be prompting you to get involved in health challenges. And who would say no when we plan to throw in health related rewards, competitions and prizes. The Steering Group is also going to encourage you to provide feedback so we know what you want. Health surveys are a likely method you will be able to use to influence what the Steering Group does.

Our reasons for embracing a healthier workplace relate to our belief that our people are our biggest asset. We are developing number of changes within the organisation that encourage more engagement between our staff, teams and service users. We believe that this, together with a healthier team will result in a happier and more fulfilled team, together with improved performance, reduced sickness, decrease staff turnover and increase morale.

Please watch this space for further developments and let us know if you want to get involved.