Jessica plans for the future


Due to complications around a difficult family unit, Jessica was taken into care when she was younger. We started working with Jessica in 2009, when she turned 18.  

Getting to know Jessica

Jessica has moderate learning disabilities. Her particular challenge is in communication and personal risk. Jessica is wonderfully confident and takes on board what you say, but will only focus on particular key words you say. This can lead to some big misunderstandings. In addition, Jessica doesn’t understand personal risks and can put herself in vulnerable situations. This means that Jessica needs 24 hour support. Jessica is a bubbly character who likes to be on the go all of the time, so she is supported by energetic Support Workers who can keep up with her! 

Jessica's college life

Jessica goes to Peterborough Regional College where she is currently studying Skills for Work 3. Jessica's college routine involves getting picked up by an authorised taxi and being met by her tutor at college. Jessica is supported by the Assistive Learning team which is made up of tutors that specifically support adults with learning disabilities. She is in a class with her peers, with training that is tailored to suit the needs of the pupils. At the college Jessica gets to mix with other people and enjoys this interaction. Augusta Care and Peterborough Regional College work very closely together to ensure Jessica gets the support she needs. 

"I go to college on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’m also in the football team and we get to go to football tournaments!" 


Going to Disneyland Paris

I heard that you have just been on holiday to Disneyland Paris. Who did you go on holiday with? "Erica (Support worker), me, a housemate and Laura T (Senior Support worker)." From left to right, Jessica, Kathleen, Erica and Laura.

Did you plan the trip? "I helped to plan it and I paid it by my bank card."

What was your favourite bit there? "The rides! They were amazing. Better than when we went to Drayton Manor. They were really big. There was the rock and roll roller coaster, that was my favourite. Hollywood of terror was so scary. Oh my God. Someone scared us and especially Erica! I was in Laura’s pocket and Kath was in Erica's pocket!


Deciding where to live and planning day to day activities

Jessica’s main goal at the moment is to move house.  She has lived in her current house since she first started receiving support from us. Jessica has always been involved in choosing who she lives with, and currently lives with Kathleen. She was very excited to house share with Kathleen, because they knew each other from before. However, Jessica has always lived with people who are more independent than her. This has been quite a struggle for her.

Jessica sees moving into a house with a group of people as a step towards more independence. This is because if Jessica lived in a house with other people, with similar needs, she wouldn’t necessarily need one to one support. Jessica could live in a group with similar needs with one Support Worker to two or three. Now in her early twenties, this is more appealing to Jessica, particularly as she gets older. 


Jessica is showing no signs of wanting to live a less active life either!  Every Monday she plans her week with her Support Worker. "I have an activity board. Kath has writing. I have symbols. Because I can see them, and then I know which one to do. And I choose what to do. I go food shopping on a Monday. We go to Asda and we go to Subway for breakfast, before Asda. I also like going to the club. I get to dress up and paint my nails! Today, mine are pink. There’s a disco, tuck shop, table tennis and computers. I use the computers quite a lot and I like checking the weather."

We wish Jessica every success and are excited about helping her to achieve more of her personal goals.

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