Simple changes help Tom lead a more fulfilling life

We worked with Tom to understand what he wanted to do and how we were going to get there. Before I started working with Tom, he was challenging, aggressive, tired and would cause disruption to his house mates. But with positive steps from a consistent team using Makaton and pictures Tom was able to communicate his needs.

I worked with Tom to completely redevelop his support plans with him so he was fully involved and understood the boundaries around his support. With pictures we documented Tom and I working together. We used these in Tom’s support plans to enable him to understand them better. Tom would become anxious with new staff or if he was unaware who was coming on shift and Tom didn’t like it if his day with not organised. So Tom and I did the following:

  • We developed a daily communication board which would be the first thing Tom would complete in the morning. This enabled his day to be consistent. Behaviour guidelines were put into place to ensure all staff had the same approach with Tom. If Tom deviated from the choices he had made in the morning staff would prompt him to look at his communication board. This small change had a massive impact on Tom’s behaviour. 
  • I also worked with Tom to take pictures of all the staff working with him and develop a visual board of his support team. Tom rings the office weekly to get a rota of who is coming in so he could fill out the board with the pictures of the staff members, matching each person to the correct time of day they were come in. 
  • We used other tools such as talking mats to discover his likes and dislikes.
  • We started using key rings of pictures whilst out in the community so Tom was aware of what his next steps were.
  • We developed games to keep Tom entertained on bus journeys.

Through a positive approach and using outcome based support at its best we were able to support Tom to make the choices he wanted to take and lead the life he is happy with.

I have worked closely with Tom from the beginning and it’s unbelievable to see the changes in his approach to all things new and to his life in general. With the guidelines, outcome based support, a consistent staff team and consistency in his life Tom hasn’t displayed any negative behaviour since this support was put into place fully. He is being supported to work on his skills and Tom is now a very keen gardener. He has even enjoyed using his own vegetables whilst cooking his Sunday roast.

We love helping people like Tom become more settled and fulfilled. If you need help then find out more about how we help adults who need support.

Written by Chris Graham, Team Manager at Augusta Care