Towards the Investors in People award


We are aiming for the Investors in people standard and our assessment takes place in September! The accreditation will be relevant for the whole team. It will help us:

  • Stand out as a leader in our field
  • Be a stronger contender as a service provider that supports adults with learning disabilities
  • Attract and retain a high caliber of staff

About Investors in people

Investors in People is an accreditation that helps organisations 'embed excellence, recognise achievement and value their people'. The Investors in people standard offers bronze, silver and gold levels. Each level recognises an organisations commitment towards developing their people whilst encouraging them to achieve even more. The main principle of Investors in People is, 'good people make a great business — people’s strengths, people’s ambitions and people’s ideas are the engine of success.' Read more about Investors in People

Working together to achieve the Investors in people award

This is not any old award that that the Directors have decided on. This is an award that everyone needs to be involved in, not just head office! The Investors in people award is about working together collectively for common good. This award is significant. It is an important accreditation for us to achieve together for two reasons.

  1. We deserve the award. We do invest in people and our people want to develop themselves. Our very busy training calendar is proof of this! We also regularly get commended for the leading quality monitoring, support and competency training we provide our staff. This positive feedback comes from our staff and leaders in the adult social care sector. Now it's time we did something to gain some recognition for what we already do really well. 
  2. Most of our work is awarded via tender and we would be in a better position as a business if we had this quality award. In recent tender work, organisations received points for having the Investors in People accreditation. Obviously the better qualified we are, the more work we can get, and therefore the more opportunities there are for all our staff. 

Why Investors in people is right for our organisation

We have carefully considered the array of awards available to organisations like ours. After assessing, researching and discussing various awards we have specifically selected Investors in People to be the right quality award for us.

Our research showed that the Investors in people accreditation logo is visually recognised and the award is clearly understood by professional staff and young people in schools and colleges.

  • Investors in people and professional staff —  We know that the Investors in People accreditation attracts people who are looking to develop their career. This helps us build a powerful team of people who we can nurture. This helps our organisation deliver the high quality services we aim for.
  • Investors in People and young people — Young people and college students are the next generation of employees and we felt it was important to select an award that resonated with this group, helping to future proof the organisation. It was found that the Investors in People message is being shared in schools and colleges resulting in an awareness of what the award means. We asked a group of college students, if the Investors in People accreditation would influence their choice of company to work for. The answer was a resounding yes because they recognised the accreditation as proof of a company that puts people and their development at the centre of their growth plans. 

You may be contacted for an Investors in People interview

This is an opportunity for the whole team to get involved and have their say so we can achieve this award together. You can get involved via supervisions, our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and via the staff forums. We want staff to be much more involved in defining the direction of our organisation and your feedback is genuinely taken into account.  

Additionally, part of our assessment will take place in September. Simon Baylis from Investors in People will visit and randomly interview various members of the team from across all levels. Simon will be discussing topics like training, development and well-being in the workplace and asking if you feel this organisation invests in people. 

Any feedback you provide during the assessment will remain confidential but will be provided to the leadership teams in the form of a general report. As a result we will be able to see what is working well and what areas we need to improve so we can plan how to tackle the any need for improvement.  

We thank you in advance for your participation and involvement! Staff, service users and any other stakeholders are encouraged to share their views and ideas via the comments section in the blog.