Augusta Care is evolving — new services, new team members and new offices

Diversification and growth are two essential ingredients for our long term success. How we evolve to fit in with the fast changing care sector has been a key discussion point at recent business planning meetings. 

We work closely with local councils to support those who need help in our communities. These services are run through a complex tendering process, experienced brokerage teams and a range of quality management systems. Through ongoing consultation it has become clear that although we are recognised as leading learning disability specialists, we must also expand our services, particularly with regard to supporting the elderly. This may well be a reflection of the ageing population and the obvious needs within our community. 

Therefore, new skills and ideas are being deliberately brought in because Augusta Care Directors recognise this as a necessity for growth and diversification. It was clear that without the injection of new skills, the existing team had limited knowledge and experience in supporting the elderly and in live in care. The alternative was to stay as we are and remain static at the risk of being overtaken and left behind — something that would not benefit staff, service users or any other stakeholders. Instead, the evolution of John Burke's position, role and responsibilities has been carefully thought through and is a strategic action point.  

Introducing John Burke, Business Development Manager at Augusta Care

John Burke, Business Development Manager, Augusta Care

John Burke, Business Development Manager, Augusta Care

John has valuable experience at all levels within the care industry. Over the years John has worked as a care worker, line manager, manual handling trainer, branch manager and in public pay where he worked closely with councils, commissioners and social services. 

His most recent roles have been working as a Regional Manager and business development manager. As business development manager for live in care at Nestor Healthcare, John travelled across 160 branches educating branch managers how to expand their private client base, helping to grow the business from 20 to 200 live in care packages in 18 months. 

John will be developing a diverse range of Augusta Care services (with a particular focus on supporting the elderly through live in care) in surrounding counties and beyond. He will also support Senior Agency Manager, Tara Currie to develop and diversify Augusta Care in the Peterborough area. Tara will remain responsible for the day to day management of the agency and will be supported by John to take on new and varied packages, set them up and resource them. 

New services to officially launch with a visit from the Lord Mayor

As part of this diversification program a range of new services are being launched. The launch event will be at Head Office on the 23rd October 2014. Special guests include the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress and Nyarai Maziso from the Alzheimer’s Society.

These services will complement our specialist skills in supporting adults with learning disabilities. We will continue to focus on person centred care, enabling the people we support to live independently and to live the lives they choose. We will deliver new services through 

With John now in post, he brings the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to help us expand into new territory whilst enabling us to continue to provide the high quality standards of service you would expect from Augusta Care.

New office secured in Kings Lynn

The King's Lynn Augusta Care office will be based in St Anne's House

The King's Lynn Augusta Care office will be based in St Anne's House

It has been established that Norfolk is a potential high growth area for Augusta Care. Not one to hang around John has already secured offices in Kings Lynn. The property is located in St Anne's House on St Anne's Street close to  St Nicholas Chapel. The office is on one of the principle thoroughfares into King's Lynn town centre.

John will be based mainly at the Kings Lynn office but will also be looking at opportunities within a two hour radius of Peterborough. John said, "My vision is for Augusta care to be one of the top care providers within Norfolk for providing quality person centred care for elderly and disabled people living in their own homes. We also want to provide live in care services on a national basis matching carers' knowledge and expertise with individuals client needs."

Managing change

Change is exciting and challenging! We ask you to take up the challenge and work with us to grow Augusta Care for the benefit of all staff, service users and other stakeholders. Watch this space to see how things evolve and let us know what you think by commenting below.