We work with people who have Dementia in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. We provide sensitive and tailored support that helps people with Dementia retain their sense of identity and families to cope with its demands.

What is dementia

Dementia is a group name for illnesses that affect the brain and over 750,000 people in the UK have it. Symptoms include forgetfulness, confusion and struggling with everyday tasks such as shopping or cooking. Dementia symptoms change from person to person as does the speed in which the symptoms worsen. Although there is no cure there are ways in which the symptoms can be slowed down. We can help family members learn how to cope with the symptoms.

If you have Dementia you may need help with

  • Remembering and understanding things
  • Personal care
  • Domestic chores and errands
  • Learning and developing skills that enable you to live more independently

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The same carer or group of carers will visit you in your home and they will get to know you and your needs

We support adults and the ederly who have challenges related to

How we help people with Dementia  

Having dementia can leave people feeling low, vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. Together carers, family members, loved ones and friends can help someone with Dementia retain their sense of identity and help them feel loved, wanted and cared for. But we understand that it can be hard to give Dementia sufferers your full attention as you have other responsibilities like a job and other family members to support. So our team of Dementia carers can provide care for the Dementia sufferer in their own home. This can involve helping them with everyday tasks or just sitting with them, talking or doing things they enjoy. 

We will offer support sensitively, ensuring that the person with Dementia still feels useful. We often look at simple adaptations within the home such as memory aids around the house to help the person remember where things are. We encourage people with Dementia to continue with their hobbies and interests. We help ensure they continue eating healthily, stay safe and maintain their personal hygiene. From experience we know our approach helps people retain their independence for longer.

With the right care and support someone with Dementia may be able to carry on living at home for a long time. Although Dementia can make it harder for a person to live independently we are able to offer a variety of care and support to make this a possibility. Live in care and respite care for families can also be provided.

Depending on the specific challenges of the person with Dementia, we can help with:


Jessica plans for the future

This is Jessica's story about becoming more independent and enjoying life to the max! Although Jessica's story is edited, Jessica was interviewed to help create this article. Highlights of her comments are shared throughout. 

Support for people who have Dementia in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with Dementia call us for advice or guidance or we can give you details of local dementia support groups. Reach us:

  • By phone, on our 24 hour helpline 01733 233 725
  • By email, on enquiries@augustacare.co.uk
  • By text, on 07970 399 498
  • On Twitter or Facebook
  • By arranging a meeting



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