Homecare is daily care provided within your own home, also known as domiciliary care

We offer adults varying levels of homecare support from 30 minutes to 24 hour support. If you are finding that everyday tasks and your personal care are becoming more difficult then homecare may be right for you. You may need a helping hand or just some companionship. You can choose how much time and help you need. Through domiciliary care a carefully matched carer or carers will visit regularly and offer the support you need to stay independent in your own home. 

Who is homecare suitable for?

Our homecare services are suitable for adults with varying needs including those with


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We have access to the equipment and facilities you need, so you can take part in the activities you enjoy

Is homecare right for you?

  • Homecare allows you to share the responsibility
    Many family members wish to be involved in the care of their loved ones. We encourage this approach so we only step in and provide domiciliary care when you and your family need that extra bit of support. 
  • Homecare is flexible and scalable
    If 30 minutes is all you need then that's all we'll give. But if your needs increase or decrease at any time our homecare teams will adapt to suit. You can also add or remove any of our other services such as hospital discharge or respite care if you need them at any time. Homecare can lead to live in care if required. 
  • Homecare is domiciliary care provided at regular fixed intervals
    With a homecare service your carer or carers that you know and trust will visit your home at agreed times and for agreed time periods. This works well for people who appreciate routine and whose needs fit into pre-planned blocks of time. Don't worry if this sounds to regimented or if your needs change frequently — live in care may be more suitable for you.   
  • Homecare reduces worry
    Qualified carers can provide support in the provision of domiciliary care that may cause discomfort, embarrassment or that requires specialist training. By providing support with medication and checking in with clients in the morning and evening homecare can reassure you and your family that you are safe and secure.

Jessica plans for the future

This is Jessica's story about becoming more independent and enjoying life to the max! Although Jessica's story is edited, Jessica was interviewed to help create this article. Highlights of her comments are shared throughout. 


Homecare by Augusta Care domiciliary care team is available in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and surrounding areas

Whatever your homecare needs, the Augusta Care team is available to help at any time. Reach us

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  • By email, on support@augustacare.co.uk
  • By text, on 07970 399 498
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