We help you achieve more independent living 

The Augusta Care team encourages adults with learning disabilities to do as much for themselves as possible.

Everything we do to support you will be directed by what you think is best for yourself. We will support you to take the steps needed towards more independence. We achieve this by:

  1. Talking to you, your family and your social worker to help us understand what you can do for yourself right now, and what you want to do for for yourself going forward. 
  2. Breaking down tasks into small steps so you can develop skills whatever your disability.
  3. Using short term outcome based support plans. This allows us to review your achievements and quickly adapt activities and support accordingly.  

We believe these three approaches help you achieve more independent living.


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You will be involved in writing your support plan through a person centred care approach


Personal care



Sometimes all the support you need is someone to talk to and enjoy activities with 

Whether it's a cup of tea and a chat or someone to help you get out and about to do the things you love we can help you enjoy a better quality of life. We pay particular attention to getting to know you, your way of life and the things you love, and we look for carers who have similar interests so you'll have lots to talk about! Companionship is particularly valuable for people who's families live far away.




Understand the world around you better

If we can communicate effectively then we will be more able to help you control your life and live as you choose. Our team has people who can support you through verbal and non verbal communication methods. As we get to know you we can tailor how we communicate to suit your individual needs.


Lifestyle and social integration

Get out and about, take part in activities and get involved in your community

Everyone deserves a rich and rewarding lifestyle. Our team gets to know you as a person. This helps us work with you to craft activities and routines round the person that you are. Some of the things we can explore together are your personal interests and hobbies, cultural needs like going to places of worship and entertainment like sporting events, holidays and your home life.

We encourage community integration and work hard to avoid social isolation. We enhance opportunities for social integration and interaction through social media and organising social events for people to meet and interact. Our commitment to this work helps to minimise the risk of people being cut off from social interaction.


Personal care

A caring and dignified approach to personal care

When dressing, undressing, bathing, maintaining personal hygiene and getting in and out of bed becomes a challenge we can offer a tailored support service. Support with personal care can help avoid embarrassment, reduce anxiety and improve safety. You will get to know and trust your carer or carers and they will talk to you and reassure you every step of the way.


Healthcare and medication

Get the right access to health services

We will support you to get the health services you need. We work closely with GP's, hospitals and other providers like dentists, opticians and therapists. On a day to day basis we can support you with taking your medication, taking exercise and with mobility support. Our commitment to quality healthcare provision is fulfilled by supporting you to complete your health action plan and access relevant local healthcare services.

We have experience in ensuring that people with complex needs have access to healthcare through our partnership with Learning Disability Liaison Officers. We work in partnership with local GP services and external organisations who organise healthy living events for adults with learning disabilities. Through these partnerships we can pre-plan healthcare support that suit your specific needs.



Enhance your skills

We have partnered with education providers so we can help you access the education you want. You may want to learn how to safely catch the bus, cook your meals or any other life skills that will help you become more independent. There are all kinds of education programs available that can be matched to your own individual goals and aspirations that will help you to achieve more independent living.



Get the job you want

Independent living may involve finding the right job for you. Our team will support you to find a job. We actively look for employment opportunities for the people we support. We do this by building relationships with local businesses and potential partner programs so we are more able to match your job ambitions with a relevant opportunity. We can also help you train for employment and work out how you will travel to work.



Get around safely and independently

Independent living means being able to travel where you need to go. We support you to get about safely by travelling with you or teaching you how to travel more independently. Many of the people we work with travel by bus, taxi and by car.


Protection and safety

Feel safe and secure

Some of the people we work with may feel vulnerable. We'll support you to feel safe in your own home and as you go out and about. We'll work together to develop your independence, your understanding of how to stay safe and by providing Support Worker's when you need them. Assisstive technology can also be used to help you feel secure. Our team is also trained to identify and report any instances of abuse.


Specific individual needs

Whatever your particular needs we can help

Whether you need help with your pets, using technology or doing your garden, we can provide the support you need to do what is important to you.


Home support


Shopping and food

A helping hand with your shopping and meal preparation

If shopping is a challenge then depending on your needs, we can help you with online shopping and deliveries, going shopping with you or going shopping on your behalf. We can also help with meal planning, shopping and preparation. 



Housekeeping and errands

Household support to help you maintain your independence

If everyday tasks are becoming more challenging we can provide the help you need to remain independent and stay in your own home. We can help with things like general household cleaning, laundry, maintenance, garden care and running errands. 


Home adaptation

You can live comfortably, safely and independently in your own home

We'll work with you to asses and manage risk in your home. Your home can be adapted to suit your needs and our goal is to help you live comfortably and achieve independent living. 


Assistive technology

Use technology to help you become more independent

Assistive technology can help you do things you could not do before so you need less paid support. Personalised technology is about tailoring assistive technology to suit your individual needs and life. We can help you find the right technology for the level of independence you aspire for. We'll work with you to assess your needs, provide the most suitable technology and teach you how to use it.



Decide where you want to live and who you want to live with

We will support you to choose how and where you live. We will help you find the right home for you so you can achieve more independence. If you want to live with people, we can help you find the right people to house share with. To help you achieve independent living we will also support you with mobility and safety around your home, working with landlords to adapt your home as you require. We can also support you in dealing with your landlord on issues such as property and maintenance.


Administrative support


Access to funding

Manage your money and budgets

We make sure you have access to the benefits and funding you qualify for. We work with Social Service departments so you have access to the funding you need to live the life you choose. We help with Direct Payments, individual budgets, free assessments, free transitional support and budget management. To help you achieve independent living we'll help you manage your money, fill in forms, claim benefits, pay your bills, buy the things you need and save for things you want.


Managing paperwork

Helping you stay organised

Managing paperwork can be overwhelming. We can help with letters and emails to and from family, professionals and to organisations like utility companies. We can help you manage your bills, do your filing and keep everything right in its place so we mininmise the likelihood of everything being so confusing. 


Types of care we provide

Homecare and domiciliary care
Homecare is daily care provided within your own home. It is also known as domiciliary care.

Live in care
For those who need more one-to-one varied support and who want to stay in their own home.

Supported living
Supported living enables adults with learning or physical disabilities to live independently.

Regain your ability to look after yourself after illness or injury 

Hospital discharge
Through hospital discharge you can minimise long stays in hospital and prevent unnecessary admissions to residential and nursing homes

Palliative care and end of life care
Through palliative care you can stay in your own home whilst receiving treatment, living with an illness or receiving end of life care

Respite care
Respite care provides support for carers and families

Person centred care
All the care we offer is based on the principle of providing support that is specific to you