A reablement program helps you regain your ability to look after yourself after illness or injury 

We can help adults accommodate their illness or condition and maximise your independence. Reablement is planned, short term and intensive support. Through reablement we can help you relearn or teach you the skills you need for a safe and fulfilling daily life after illness or injury. 

Reablement is about minimising your need for care after a crisis. We help adults gain back their independence after an illness or accident. It is usually delivered over a six week program that provides short term support to help you learn new ways of doing things and regain your confidence. A successful reablement program will mean you do not need as much help as you may have first thought. As you improve and your needs change the amount and type of support you get will be reduced to suit how much more independent you are becoming.

Who is supported reablement for?

Our reablement services are for adults who can recover from an illness or accident and have usually been discharged from hospital. It is for people who can master the short or long term limitations an illness or accident may cause. Reablement is good for people who

  • Are returning home after being in hospital
  • Want to regain the skills and  confidence to live independently 
  • Are recovering from an accident
  • Have a physical disability
  • Are feeling frail and vunerable

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We have access to the equipment and facilities you need, so you can take part in the activities you enjoy


Is reablement right for you?

  • Reablement helps you accommodate your challenges
    If an unexpected illness or accident has left you feeling vulnerable and needing support we can help you adapt your way of living to accommodate what you may have perceived as limitations. If you discover that you actually can do things you are used to doing on your own you are likely to feel more positive about your future. 
  • Reablement helps you towards independence
    Despite how you may feel after an illness or accident you may not need long term care. We can provide short term intensive support that guides you on the practical skills and aids that can help you live independently and accommodate your illness, condition, disabilities or other challenges.
  • Tailored support depending on your illness or accident
    Your reablement program will be tailored to suit your specific illness or accident. It may involve helping you to improve your confidence through improved mobility, use of aids and technology or new ways of doing things. 

Jessica plans for the future

This is Jessica's story about becoming more independent and enjoying life to the max! Although Jessica's story is edited, Jessica was interviewed to help create this article. Highlights of her comments are shared throughout. 

Augusta Care reablement services are available in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and surrounding areas

Whatever your reablement needs, the Augusta Care team is available to help at any time. Reach us

  • By phone, on our 24 hour helpline 01733 233 725
  • By email, on support@augustacare.co.uk
  • By text, on 07970 399 498
  • On Twitter or Facebook
  • By arranging a meeting

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