We work with people who have had a stroke in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. We focus on rehabilitation in your own home and working towards your independence. 

What is a stroke

Strokes happen when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off. This can be caused by a blockage or a bleed in your brain. When blood can't reach parts of your brain it is unable transport essential oxygen and nutrients there. As a result brain cells in the affected area can be harmed or destroyed. 

Strokes affect different people in different ways and it can be difficult to say how much of a recovery is possible. But many stroke survivors will continue to improve over time as they learn how to deal with the effects of the stroke on their body and mind.

If you have had a stroke you may need help with

  • Mobility
  • Communication
  • Personal care
  • Domestic chores and errands
  • Pain management
  • Advanced medical challenges
  • Learning and developing skills that enable you to live more independently

Depending on how long a stroke lasts temporary or permanent disabilities and complications can occur. Stroke sufferers may notice an impact on their body functions such as loss in muscle movement or paralysis on one side of their body, such as a limb or the face. Some people will experience difficulty talking or swallowing. People who have had stroke may also experience pain, numbness or tingling sensations in parts of their body.

Strokes can also impact your thought processes. Remembering things or making judgments can become hard and sufferers may find it a struggle to manage their emotions. 


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The same carer or group of carers will visit you in your home and they will get to know you and your needs

We support adults and the ederly who have challenges related to

How we help people who are recovering from a stroke  

Our team of specialist stroke carers are able to work on hospital discharge programs, rehabilitation and getting life back to as normal as possible. We aim for you to live as independently as possible in your own home. We also work with other professionals and communicate and co-ordinate all the resources required to make sure your needs are met. 

Our team will take an active approach to ensuring that life goes on for both the stroke sufferer and their loved ones. This can involve helping the stroke suffer learn new skills or relearn old skills. We can also find and offering you and the family the social, emotional, practical and financial support needed. 

Depending on what your challenges and needs are, we can help with:


Jessica plans for the future

This is Jessica's story about becoming more independent and enjoying life to the max! Although Jessica's story is edited, Jessica was interviewed to help create this article. Highlights of her comments are shared throughout. 

Support for people who have had a stroke in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire

If you or a family member has had a stroke then the Augusta Care team is available to help at any time. We can offer advice and guidance and give details of stroke support groups in or around your area. Reach us

  • By phone, on our 24 hour helpline 01733 233 725
  • By email, on enquiries@augustacare.co.uk
  • By text, on 07970 399 498
  • On Twitter or Facebook
  • By arranging a meeting



It is also important to us that we get your feedback so you can influence how we develop our services. You can provide feedback here.