Adult care services and support — we help people who need assistance to live independently

We provide personalised, flexible and specialist adult care services. We support people who need help but who also want to remain independent and in their own home.

We work with local authorities in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and out of county placements. We also work with individuals with a personal budget or direct payment.


We spend time getting to know you and your way of life so we can provide relevant assistance and support. Our adult care services are tailored to your specific needs so you can choose the level of support you require — anything from a visit once or twice a week, several times a day through to 24 hour care. No Augusta Care adult care services package is ever exactly the same because each person we support is different.

We provide adult care services through varied types of support designed to suit the individual needs of the people we work with. Our approach is flexible, personalised and respectful of individual needs, likes and dislikes.



We strongly believe in providing person centered care that is based around your needs and what you want for your life. We empower you to stay in your own home, do more for yourself and live more independently.


We believe shifting the focus away from what you can’t do, towards what you can do is more likely to develop your independence. We provide adult care services through two core approaches that will empower you to learn or relearn activities that will help you be more independent.

  1. Person centred enablement which is also known as reablement or re-enablement
  2. Outcome focused support plans which focuses on the results rather than the problems