About Augusta Care

Augusta Care is a leading provider of person centred support, enabling adults who need care and support to maintain their independence in their own homes. We support adults with elderly care needs, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, terminal illness, mental health challenges and sensory needs. We do this by providing domiciliary care in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and South Lincolnshire. Our services launched in Peterborough in 1998. 


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We are able to provide sensory services

Meet the Augusta Care team

A dedicated team drawing from extensive experience in delivering services to adults who need care and support.

Mark Hubble, Director

Mark Hubble, Director

Mark has 30 years of experience in the public and private sector. His experience is in delivering, managing and regulating care to vulnerable groups with a focus on domiciliary care. He is a nominated individual with the Care Quality Commission and holds management and social work qualifications. 

Julie Boardman, General Manager

Julie Boardman, General Manager

As General Manager, Julie has overall responsibility for the business. Julie has worked as a care manager and safeguarding lead for a local authority and has been a senior manager with operational responsibility for service delivery. Julie has worked with older people and people with learning disabilities in both the public and private care sector.


Augusta Care company culture

We believe in quality person centred care. Our top priorities are the people we support and our staff. 



Provide adults who need support, for whatever reason, the care they need within every aspect of their daily lives. 



Provide each individual a support package that encompasses their wishes and aspirations.



Deliver person centred domiciliary care that is recognised for two things - for quality and for meeting the desired outcomes of the people we work with. 



We are a profit making business that genuinely puts the people we support, and our staff first. We choose to take the lead in person centred domiciliary care, often being first to break new ground locally. We continuously invest in our provision of services so we can deliver leading support. We also provide support in charitable ways to help the people we work with to overcome the physical and financial disadvantages they may face. We are committed to developing our team of staff and offer opportunities for career development. We believe our approach sets us apart and makes us an attractive choice for adults who need care and support. This is demonstrated by the fact that the people we support tend to stay with us for long periods of time.


We believe in

  • Including the people we support in staff interviews
  • Recruiting people with the right expertise so we can provide specialist support
  • Recruiting people who are passionate about making a difference and who are keen to learn
  • Enrolling all new staff on the Skills for Care induction, and provide regular training so all staff develop their knowledge and skills
  • Ensuring there are opportunities for career development and in-house promotion
  • Cultivating a culture of transparency, idea generation, approachability and teamwork
  • Promoting equality and diversity

Quality standards

Providing support through domiciliary homecare of the highest quality is an essential part of our success story.

  • We are inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission to make sure we meet essential standards. You can see our current CQC report here
  • We are monitored and audited annually by local authorities
  • We work hard to ensure our own quality monitoring processes meet and exceed the Care Quality Commission's statutory and regulatory requirements, and our own internal standards
  • We work closely with NHS and Social Service departments

Our quality standards are achieved by: 

  • Promoting more independence and enabling more freedom
  • Delivering person centred support within all aspects of daily living
  • Ensuring the people we support achieve their personal goals
  • Embracing assistive technology for its positive impact on independence
  • Providing value for money with a flexible and creative approach
  • Investing in well trained, experienced and dedicated staff
  • Professionalism with an openness to pursuing an innovative and refreshing approach
  • Working with people regardless of their culture, religion or sexual preference

Our partners

It is important that we work in partnership with other local providers. This helps us to fulfill the varying levels of service required by the people we support. We can ensure the people we support transition smoothly when they need to move from one service to another. 


Learning disability

We work with a network of organisations who provide related training, facilities, resources and events for our team, and the people we support:

We also have access to the facilities of local organisations that support people with Complex Physical Needs. These organisations include:

  • Phoenix School
  • Heltwaite School
  • Cherry Lodge
  • The Manor
  • Hereward Care

Assistive technology
We help the people we support find the technology they need to achieve the level of independence they want. We work with: 

  • The assisstive technology adult social care team

Our role is to support independent living. A large part of this work is finding properties that suit the needs of the people we support. We partner with:

To ensure the people we support have access to the benefits and funding they qualify for, we partner with:

  • The benefits agency
  • Local councils
  • Housing Departments
  • The Direct Payments team

We encourage the people we support to enhance their skills by partnering with:

Many of the people we support want to work. To help them achieve their employment goals we partner with:

  • Charity shops
  • Cafes
  • Westcombe Industries
  • Internal teams to create employment opportunities

We are actively seeking and building relationships with local businesses to enhance the opportunities adults with learning disabilities have to work. 


In order to support people to fulfill their health action plans, we partner with relevant local healthcare services. These partnerships enable us to pre-plan healthcare support that suits the specific needs of the individuals we work with:

We tailor how we communicate to the individuals we support by partnering with:

  • Widgit
  • Makaton
  • Speech and Language teams
  • Translation services
  • Assisstive technology providers

We strive to ensure that the people we support feel safe and secure through partnership with:

  • The Police and Community Support Officers
  • The Safe Place Scheme
  • The Local Safeguarding Board
  • Adult Social Care
  • Children safeguarding team for the people we support who also have children  

Lifestyle and social partners
We encourage the people we support to have a rich and rewarding lifestyle through partnership with:

  • Goldhay Arts
  • Thera
  • Westcombe
  • Kingfisher Day Centre
  • Fountain Bar
  • 49 Lincoln Road
  • Steve Ball
  • Wednesday PHAB Club
  • Breakaway
  • Rotary Club Sailability
  • Lava Lamp Discos
  • Club 73
  • Friends Discos
  • Scalgate Club

Transport partners
Safe and dependable travel is essential for the people we support. As well as Augusta Care vehicles, we have good relationships with local transport companies: 

  • Trusted taxi firms
  • Bus companies
  • Train companies
  • Bikeability

Training partners
To deliver the standards of care we strive for requires ongoing training for members of the Augusta Care team. To achieve this we partner with the following training organisations: