Positive review from Peterborough City Council

Augusta Care underwent a periodic review from Peterborough City Council in March 2024.

The purpose of the review is for the commissioning team at the local authority to review our care plans, risk assessments, record keeping, training, staffing levels, recruitment practices and personnel records in addition to obtaining feedback from service users, families and staff teams.

Some of the service user feedback included:

“I think the staff here do well”. “I do not know what I would do without them”.

“I am happy, I like my staff and my house”

Feedback from a member of support staff:

“The individual service user should be supported to make choices about their care and support. They should be given information in a way that they can understand so they can make informed choices. When working with individuals who cannot express their wants, needs and wishes in words, you must find other ways of communicating with them.”

We are very proud to say the review went well, meeting all the required standards and there were no concerns highlighted.

A big thank you to our staff teams for their continued support in providing a good service to our service users.